It is better to fall out of Love, than to fall in to love. So much is written about Love, and the agony and the ecstasy of it, that no doubt someone has already said this, but that can be said for anything.

To fall in love, the odds are against you that it will last forever. To fall in love means you enter into a slavery of sorts, you know it is. The things you will do! And the agony you have coming when your heart gets broke is ahead of you. But, to reach the moment when you know the rose has not just faded, but is laying in dust on the ground, or as a cloud about to blow away, and you just do not care…that is freedom. Much better to fall out of love then to fall in. You are no longer tied to emotions that blackmail you, work against your better judgement if you possess any, and the days of unhappiness at your broken heart are done. You no longer have jealousy in you, no desire to revenge, just nothing is there, you are empty, and it is okay, you survived! And that is something that cannot be bought, bargained for, forced, or stolen, just like Love.

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