You had to have been living under a rock to not have heard this degrading term. A term coined by patriarchal powers that begrudge women their own.

What is wrong with my face?

These men who have named themselves our captors, they slay our hearts with disparagements about the way we were created, of that in essence is a slander on the creator is it not? You walk around the gallery of art picking it apart, putting it down, mocking this artist, when you mock the work. And you think its okay? They are shouting out to women that; you are not worthy unless you smile, layer glitter on your skin, starve yourself, slide into sexual costumes, perfume your truth, perform and be pretty illusions for the petty pleasure of lustful, material men. Even women will be a part of the enslavement of others, nay, more than men you might say, perpetuating the ideal of physical beauty in their own minds as images, idols to be worshipped. These women and girls will suddenly find the ability to utilize looks or be appreciated for beauty as commercially and such, is going to soon somewhat vanish as our culture reinvents itself. Be gone Hooters! No more of this rampant abusive commercialization of women’s looks to the exclusion of any other assets of feminine worth. It will be collateral damage. But we have to change, and it’s going to hurt. It is hurting me, this change. The disgusting idolatry of the media banquet poisons everybody. It might only be when they themselves, these certain pretties, become aged crones that the light of knowledge shines on them, or maybe they will escape that. Death coming to knock, or a skilled surgeons knife slipping across the skull, making a 60 year old into 50, or for some…They refuse eighty, and desire again beauty, that illusion of flesh, and so choose the vampire life, the blood of babies dripping down their thirsty throats filling up the empty cavity in their chest where once they might have had a heart?

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