You find a secret hidden cave filled with uncountable objects made of pure gold. It is very dark and hard to see clearly, but these objects, many are fashioned into obscene images, or crude and rough vessels, with a multitude of different languages and symbols carved into part of them.

Some even seem to be just half-finished items and in the dimness they appear to have no discernable possibility of features ever envisioned, just tossed aside incomplete. A great many are all things which you would never display, never be proud of, in fact you might hide them from sight. People would sneer at you, make you ashamed of having such vulgar things in your possession. Perhaps that‘s why they are in this dark cave? What do you do? What do you think? Are they fashioned this way to make you turn away, flee from the sight, repulsed by what you see? And so this treasure of gold will be sure to remain in the dark cave? Prisoners of it in essence?
Does it matter that some being, or some cause, some reason unknown and unfathomed has fashioned them so, or possibly just conditioned your mind to perceive and form negative opinions about what you visually see in the cave, in the way you do? Does it matter, what they look like?

No, all that matters is you have found a cave filled with gold!

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