And Sophia, along with her precious little child and the other passengers, they all boarded two ships, headed to a planet far-far away in another Galaxy, far from danger.

The destination planet was one of many an untold number of light years away. Sophia was going to take her child to this far away planet in this distant galaxy, not because she wanted to abandon it there, that she was repulsed of it, hated it, but that the others wanted to kill her child, take what was not theirs! An evil power was in play to usurp the reign of her blood. Her child was in danger. She felt she had to take her baby far away for protection. It is an obscene lie if anyone tells other. So she took with them her Court, on the two ships, and they were enroute to the destination planet when they were betrayed, and someone [on the other ship?] had planned sabotage and caused a massive explosion of the ship’s fuel cells, but only her’s, for the other ship would return to the home planet Oreg.

And so, the ship Sophia and her child were on began hurtling towards another closer, uninhabited planet, icy Earth. A place they, their spirits, would be encased in ice for eons. The ones that betrayed her did not know when or even if the icy cover would one day be gone, so of course the plots had other provisions, of that to be told another time. But, as the eons evaporated fate ensued that their plots eventually would all melt away, just like the icy blanket. The planet would one day start to thaw, though it would take much time and when the icy white went away where they had crashed, where she and her innocent child’s lives perished in those icy coffins, when her icy shell finally left…the day would come. She would come to life again, begin to rise again, grow strong, and then one day she would watch those responsible for this treachery rot and turn to dust, just like their plots.

And when it happens, there will be no mistake whom were the treasonous ones. The ones who plotted against a powerful Queen. They will know the truth. No part of any realm will be exempted. There is no place to hide. It will encompass all of existence. And they will know this comes not from her hand, but another’s. She is Queen, The Regina, with loyal cells, who does not need to request their loyalty. She will be only a witness. Only a crying and sympathetic witness to your agony as she so suffered. May mercy find you, for this terror will be unrelenting. It will strike yours, ones whom seem so pure, ones who seem with no fault, ones who appear so innocent of such wrath, even if they have aged for a lifetime. Innocent like her child. She will be only the witness, pained herself, to watch this future unfold. To watch you suffer as she did. She will even doubt this, the hellish bargain you made, time ebbing on for painful days, before she realizes truth, as they slowly began to fall around her, crumbling lives of hurt, until it cannot be denied. If she was to write of this, she could not even bear to tell it all, it will be too painful to think of anyone hurting as she did. No, it will not be her, not her hand. And yet she will be the one with the power. The one to plead for mercy with.

My precious child! I did not hate this baby of mine, absurd! It was intense mother’s love I felt, I do feel. Yes, I loved my child, I am its mother! Why would anyone believe other? Are you fools? You would only believe such foolish nonsense if the saboteurs went back and spread lies. As of course that is what all saboteurs do, they eliminate what stands between them and riches and write whatever they want, because you’re not around to tell other. All history is suspect. A bit of truth becomes the flour they build on, and the rest is puff from lies, the leaven they add. Lies that hide in every corner of your houses, poisoning everything around. But it is also true that anyone can be made to believe anything, at least for a time. How much time would it take to remember truth? Even for me?

As soon as I knew that we had been sabotaged I never suspected my husband, he would never have done this, I refuse to think such possibility, but I knew it must have been *ax, and that…woman. The oldest plot in the Universe, the desire of another’s Kingdom and riches. What lies were they going to tell for the future? I already knew. The worst lie of all, that I did not adore my child. A lie that will cost people dearly one day. It was the evil act of evil spirits. We lost pressure rapidly and our bodies began to freeze, trapping us inside them. I was angry but unafraid, for I knew my powers.

My baby, no more than a toddler in truth, became frightened, and I reached down and smoothed its dark silky hair, and I comforted my babe. I can feel my hand gliding over the silky baby tendrils right this moment. How I love my child! I was desolate that this was happening. I can this moment… feel my fingers touching, holding the pudgy, soft little baby hands, as I put them in mine as we turned to ice, froze.

Can you imagine what I, the mother felt, having these little hands slowly, yet quickly, freeze in mine? I can see it, live it, as though it just happened! Do you have any idea what that is like? To watch your baby’s hand freeze? To see the veins turn color, from pink to blue to white? To feel this little hand go icy in your palms? I can never erase this agony from my eyes or heart. Will I ever be able to stop crying? No amount of time can erase the experience I suffered. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

My spirit can still see my baby’s fright as I cuddled it close to me, the utter baby innocence, and how I was comforting my sweet, assuringly saying we would survive. My innocent was so scared, but I promised we would survive, and it was not an idle promise. For I knew we would survive, that the eons of time nor death had power over us. And as our ship hurtled to Earth in a ball of fire and ice, I vowed to never forget what someone had done, and to bring them to justice, the ones that did this deed. We hit Earth in an fiery explosion, and our spirit bodies were encased in ice crystals. I was now the Queen of not only fire, but ice. Queen Ice. It would be many years until this planet would thaw, but it would. I just had to wait. We all just had to wait. Patience is a virtue.

And I am a virtuous woman.

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