New Players, (or..pieces) Welcome to The Game. These words will change, as nothing is static in the world, all is illusion. There are rules and there are no rules. Play well.

Recently a man wrote something to me, thinking it would hurt me, bruise my delicate female heart, by attacking my looks. He, for no reason, as I was not connected with him, tried to hurt me by saying what he percieved would be a negative comment to me about my appearance. Because when you do things as such, that is your intent; To harm someone. Do not fool yourself. And when I told him (and the role playing community) he was wrong, that this act is wrong, I get told it is my problem?

That I should expect people to be mean, degrading and nasty if I am on the internet, and that I am “on a ego trip” to say I am Queen on a fantasy role playing group? You condemned me because of that? The apparently quite outrageous act of someone declaring they are the Queen on a fantasy group on which you all take fantasy roles like wizards, knights, and Lords, Princes and Kings, among many others, and where you all think you can be dirty little nasty trolls to others, especially women? And it’s okay because boys rule?

What type of people are you that finds this act of my role as Queen so offensive? Do you walk through Walmart or the mall sticking out your foot, tripping all the little girls in their Disney Princess costumes? Do you spit on them when they come to your door on Halloween? Do you throw rocks at your TV when Game of Thrones comes on?

What was so shocking to anyone to have me come on that fantasy group and say I am Queen? It is utterly bizzare that anybody who is on that site taking those fantasy roles could find it unusual or be outraged? Only perhaps if they knew I truly am The Queen, as there are many against me.

So, you all jump at the chance to be wizards, masters, knights and warriors, super-heroes protecting your play-Queen in the fantasy world, but…you don’t want to find out that you actually have a Queen, and really need to fight? That you do not want to be real heroes, do not want to fight for a real Queen. You are just desktop wannabes, or you….were.

That you think it is fine to be dirty trolls because you will be forgiven in The End and go to sky-heaven to party, and you have no responsibility now to the world, cause you are all poor schmucks and you like your life, your truly spiritual-only-on sundays-if that, and nobody is expecting anything great from you all anyhow? That you did not break it, so why is it your problem to fix it? Why should you try to protect me, or heal my wounds? Fight the cancer that seeks to destroy me.

I am the Queen, Your Queen, the real deal, and what I say matters. I think you matter, I think you might be crucial to the evolvement of the world. But you probably do not see this yet. Everybody is blind to truth. My own eyes are dim, but I am struggling to see. And I reach out for help, and get rocks thrown at me by others.

Jesus Christ himself could announce his presence on an internet page, and throngs, huge masses of people would pounce on him, crucify him in words, deny him, denounce him…all for what reason? Why would you denounce him? Because he is not in front of you? Because world leaders won’t recognize the man who is not..fond of them? Because he does not look like you want, the hot Hollywood Hearthrob, the Idol you demand? Because you do not believe he can master the internet enough to write a sentence and say something? Because you think it‘s impossible for him to do this? That the cloud he comes on is not iCloud? That he is not doing Not getting a residency in Vegas and putting on a great magic show for you? Becoming your puppet and Rockstar? Not waving his hand and suddenly everything is perfect, that you will have no responsibility to do anything? Do you think he is stupid? You would rush to denounce him, tear him apart with your teeth and disbelieve, because in your heart you do not believe. If you do this to me, what would you do to him?

Role play groups only hide what is real, and if you qualify, or are born into it, or get picked, or just walk in a certain door by chance even, the truth is shown to you. But slowly…so you must watch for the messages. Very few gain access by chance or favor, so if you enter the portals by these two means, it is as though you just slid through the eye of the needle. This is a Game. A game of Life and Death, in the most real sense of the words. You are now in.

“You must play a damm near perfect game,“ as Pop says. No one will tell you all the rules. You must find out by effort, or favor. But, you will find out that what you thought did not exist actually does, and has controlled the “board” for centuries. Deny this if you can, as ignorance is bliss, and good luck!

But. The Rules. Or one or two.

1. Never lose hope. Always see the best of things. Become a Master Alchemist. Turn negative energy into positive. Your life will depend on this.

2. The internet is no excuse to verbally, or mentally, without any provocation….attack the appearance of people, especially strangers, men or women. Is it? Do you think this is a valid reason or excuse? Do you? What do you think God would say? What do you say? It is a foul and dangerous move.

Oh, you ones, do you even realize how instantly famous you have become? Yes, you reading this! No, it will not be obvious, but you will start to see things, people will say things, you will see messages…You might even, probably will think you are going crazy!

But you are not, you just entered a realm you never even really thought truly existed. Be strong, you can do this. You’re in The Game.

Don’t freak out. Evolve.

You just interjected yourself (or are being picked) into the most famous…what word describes this? Ah, it is beyond me, but you Back Easters, ( and you other unnamed for brevitys sake only) you are ALL now more famous than you can imagine. The entire Game Realm is going to hang on every act and word you say, ESPECIALLY YOU Tyler. They should. You will never be anonymous again. Bets are being placed on your next moves this very moment. More money wagered on you, and….against you, than you ever might hope you could earn. You’re stars.

I have been secretly famous in this secret realm since the day I was born. The “Mayflower” Queen, the most powerful piece there is, and if I lose, you lose! And you ordinary chess players might disagree with that, but this game is more complicated, has secrets. The king is…, well, that is a secret, or not. Anyway, Welcome to the club. You wanted in, and now you are. You’re in. You are all…now players. Don‘t believe? Just wait. Just watch. Get a $1.00 special at Taco Bell, and just watch. Be kind, cause you can’t rewind.

But. back to the subject….To say that a woman should accept, or expect being attacked, just by being on the internet…That is the same as telling a woman she should stay off the street, out of the store, the gym, the park, the bank, her job at facebook, her job on a film set, if she does not want to be attacked by men. Not much difference is there?

IS there any difference WOMEN? Is it okay for men to attack us?

Would you let a chicken peck at your foot until it’s bloodied?

Women should be safe and free from bullies and abusive acts anyplace, anytime. Either in person, or online, abuse should not be tolerated by anyone. If you see it, you become complicit if you condone it. This has zero to do with any political party, but covers them all. This has zero to do with abortion issues, which God will discuss with you, if you are lucky, at a later time, once the temper has cooled. But you would be wise to stop now. You could have stopped it long ago, but you didn’t, and you know it. It‘s non negotiable, and not seen the way some of you want to see things. Parents and the unborn are the victims in that, and most do not even know it. They don’t know truth.

Don’t lump this “bullying, victimizing and oppression of women,” as so I speak, with any other protest, march, rally or politics, or the ludicrous idea that it is about taking men down. Supporting this does not mean dressing like a psycho-clown and wearing vulgar or sexual words and sort on your clothes, and hats and carrying filthy signs that only degrade women further. It does not mean you support abortion, hate Trump and want men to be herded off to some remote territory, or whatever. This is not that feminism, whatever blanket group you think that is. It is about women (all people really) being oppressed, degraded, assaulted physically, verbally, and preyed upon by bullies. And yes, the out of balance Patriarchal dominance that‘s primarily been cause.

Bullies are no longer going to be tolerated. Workplace or other. It will take all of us to do this. Everybody must step up. See a better world! Trust me, my job is the hardest, I am in the middle of a vicious battle, and I am wounded.

That man wrote what he did, and he wounded me, in some manner, and seems….to (like many men out there,) feels men have a right to disparage females, deride the looks of them, call them big asses, fatties, dogs, or much worse, rate them or just otherwise do whatever they want. If women heard what has actually been said all these past years, this volcano would have erupted long ago.

Many men and even some women are obviously not liking this radical change in culture, as they do not want to be held accountable for treating women so indecently as historically they have. The culture of such where it is okay to intentionally harm others, by words, or acts is changing. It is not okay.

Bullies are not cool people.

The bottom line is, do you, or any other human think it is okay to harm others, and that if they, (the target) takes offense, or feels harmed, it is their problem?

That it is okay for people to treat facebook or the internet like a secret club where it is acceptable to be racist, sexist, disparage peoples looks, (men or women,) child or adult? Is it okay with you? Is that the world you want your children to inherit?

I am The Queen of not just the women who have been degraded, but of the men too. I am the Queen of every person of any color or race, sexual orientation or religion. Anyone that was ever bullied, socked, demeaned, punched, pinched, laughed at, derided, not bet on, spit on, assaulted, beat up, ripped off, stomped on by society. The low wage workers who work for peanuts for rich corporations, and never get 5k holiday bonuses. Who play in bands for beer and a few bucks, and are used by the system just to sell more beer by rich corporations to others like them who live day to day, month to month, paycheck to paycheck. Who can’t afford tennis clubs and vacations on the French Riveria, and who buy their jewelry at Walmart, and feed their kids generic fruit loops. Who hope their kids don’t get sick and have to be left at home alone, because they have no policy at work that supports parents staying home with sick kids without penalties.

People who are so damm tired of living in fear and utter terror, who are ready for a world where they don’t get mass war alerts and have nowhere safe to run, because they know there is no place safe. People who hear these alarms and then look at their little kids, their tiny babies, their adult children, their grandkids, their families, their lovers, their friends, and literally believe they are all going to be killed any second in some horrific manner, bomb or bullet. People who have lived through this in other lands. I am their Queen.

There are no people out there in this world whom does not feel these same fears, no one is immune, no religion is exempt from it. Do not believe the false media, and its lies, it is one world. The ones who are afraid, those are my people, I am their Queen.

The poor, the disenfranchised, the weak and the tired…the ones that really need an authentic Warrior Queen, not a pretty Hollywood doll-face in a tiara and a shiny satin ballgown, who has no idea what it is like to be poor and marginalized, or how to go into battle and fight. No, I might not be your Queen, you might reject me, but I am theirs, and I will get in front of my people and fight their battles, and yes, I am riding a high horse. I am the Queen hidden completely, veiled behind this fair freckled skin. Strong, yet very wounded, but still alive. Hate will never defeat me.

I am the Queen of the underdogs.

A man attacked me, wounded me, and you all easily jumped to further attack me, to apparently defend a man who was mean to a woman for no reason at all? (But, perhaps he was being utilized, a pawn sacrifice, so do not judge, as you do not have all the facts, judge yourself first.)

That it is not…his acts, but my pain and hurt, and your responses to all this that is the whole point! It is about how you react? Your Queen is being wounded, what do you do? It is about who chooses to stand up for something they truly believe in, not what they have been conditioned to.


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