Next time YOU see a penny on the ground pick it up and feel how heavy it is! How much does a penny weigh?

Is it shiny, or does that penny you see on the ground have some dirt on it, something to make it heavier? How many pennies have you picked up in your lifetime? 50? 100? Lots of pennies.

Look down on the ground and see that penny. When you see that penny think about me. Think about my copper-penny hair. About how I made you see that penny and think of me, Queen Isis.

You cannot see a penny without thinking of me. I am now in your mind.
Every penny you see will be a message from me.
Choose Love, not Fear.

I will send you pennies.

Pennies everywhere you turn.

Then Imagine that penny represents each time you said something hurtful to another human, and it is going on a scale, and the only way you can take it off, is to think about your life, about what you can do to help somebody instead of hurting someone. You are going to see pennies everywhere and each one will be a chance to change.

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