It is a serious and mysterious subject, one that may never be delved into the deepest depths even. It is simple, yet difficult to implement, most times, but not always.

Usually not showing results until much later. Hard for such like me, who are impatient and like instant results. One thing leads to another, and chain reactions can be many links, and go in many directions. My phone was “stolen” but of course it was not some random act, I no longer believe in that. Once, it might have made me feel anger, a untargeted anger to unknown perpetrators, which is negative energy sent out in no direction, so not a good thing.

But, I am changing myself, as this is the only way to survive, for me at least. I knew instantly it was not a random theft, so why should I give the desired response of anger and negativity? I refuse to. Instead, though it is a troublesome thing to deal with, a loss in truth, I logged on to the account, and discovered that somehow unknown to me, the spurious company I had service with was charging triple what I agreed to, and had been for a couple months. I do not get statements from the bank, and the funds are not mine, but I still would be upset down the road to learn they had been paid the equivalent of $5.00 per minute of phone use.

A bit steep I think.

So, while it causes a slight trouble, it actually was beneficial you could say. Not only was I able to control my emotions, but I discovered a serious over-billing that I would not have for how long? And so, I was forced to redo passwords, not that I think they are private, but just because you must do this to end the access so blatantly. And once again, I started to delete my facebook account, because that too was compromised with a mystery being writing text messages that were not from my own hand. But then changed my mind for now. Besides, you are here now, you know where to find my words, can even comment should you desire. That old name has served its purpose, time to let go.

But, you? You are everywhere, I can never lose you. Nor do I want to.

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