To gain the title of Queen of Heaven requires that you lose. You suffer death. To win is to lose, what a dichotomy. To rule in Heaven, you had to have first died, that much would seem obvious. How many deaths have I been tortured with, how many lives blessed with to live? You cannot have these answers. But to be on Heaven, (even if you descend at a point or two) It also means your essence is innocent, or purified. So the question is why am I fighting this battle when I should be in a pleasant perfect world? One I know I belong in? To find my beloved child. Or maybe so my child can find truth, find out how much I did love it, for my child to find me? To fix something that is in need of fixing. I was there, on that beautiful planet once, and want to return, but not without my child. Death is not what it seems to many, and it is a tyrant, not a benevolent granny. But for us, who travel in galaxies known only to those in past and future, it is beyond scope.

If I am so innocent, pure at heart, virgin as I claim in essence, why would a world persecute me? Is it because when they see me, something is masking my true spirit, a veil over my true image? And they see only what they want to see, something they lash out at, attack, persecution waiting for me every interaction? It seems obvious that a person who is persecuted is going to not appear innocent, as each tear, each cut you inflict on them will change them. People persecute people they do not like. Is this not fact? So why would they not like an innocent virgin? Can you solve that riddle? What’s not to like?