Hear me Jesus

Jesus, hear the prayers of the humans. Destroy the evil in the hell they live in, this illusion. Trapped humans, always making the same errors out of ignorance and human fault, and the ever made new traps of those evil who prey on these poor souls. That vicious cycle of slavery, where the evil profit at their slavery.

You do not need anyone to believe in you, they are humans, do not fault them for this, believe in yourself, and fix this for you, fix it because you are wonderful, you are good and wish none to suffer when you can prevent it.

rescue these enslaved from the clutches of this despot, he is not you, you would not do what they do, You are perfect, good, all forgiving, not destroying of the trapped and forsaken. I do not know any evil from you.

But….the bad is consuming the good, the humans are in desperate need of you, even if you are only a spirit.

They cannot hear you, these lost, they are hopeless without your help, and they do not believe in you, so many, because they can’t, they are human. It is not their fault. No, I cannot hear your voice, but I know you hear mine.

Love these trapped and lost souls who are locked as I am in the evil unlawful attempt at total possession, puppets of this wickedness. it only needs you to turn this planet into paradise, and you are the one whom should possess us, not something inferior. If you are my son, then I know my love is in you, perhaps every bit of good of me flowed into you, leaving me only a shell of corrupted flesh, and that is fine, I would give you all of what good I had, because I know you would share it with me, or at least them, because of this. And if you are not my son, you are the son of some mother, and I cannot imagine any mother of a slightest bit of goodness not wanting and praying this same, so then hear me anyway, because I beg you to help this world.

we humans are condemned to the same mistakes without you, save them please, give them life back, for this is death they are in. I know I am dead, a ghost only, too late for anything. I died a long time ago, my ego destroyed me, and everybody has that demon, even gods, perhaps even larger, more so, so crush it, let the ignorant worship seashells or diamonds, or golden statues, only because they do not know, do not hate them for ignorance. I could not withstand the evil, and was trapped, no hope ever I see now, I never had a chance, I lost a long time ago, but you can save them.

I do not even know who I am, am I your mother? No memory seems true, as all seems a false past that was forced on me, and all I do know is the plight of humans is lost without you. Save them please, rescue these mothers, the lost, but do it for yourself, and you will do it for them, show them your mercy. This human world has been enslaved, wounded over and over, agonized by the sting of that bitter salt too long, heal the wounds. Restore paradise. If you indeed are my son, then I know you will, because we are love not hate, and I will never stop loving you.

Do not do it because anybody loves you, do it because you love them. That is your power.


Quote from the Movie, Valerian

Love is more powerful than anything else

It breaks all rules and laws

And overpowers any army or government

Just look at her

For one second put yourself in her position

She lost all her people and her child

And she’s willing to forgive

Thats real love